State of the Art Mailer Case Study

Here we have another safelist website. I don’t prefer to receive any emails when I join a safelist. I always pay for the top membership so I can avoid receiving any emails. SOTAM’s top-level costs $73 per month. For this, you get to email 30k members every 3 days. They send about 550 clicks with every email you send. Keep in mind, most members are clicking the links so they can earn their own credits. Most safelist sites are similar in this way. The traffic from here is actually very good. I just didn’t receive any sales. If I were to have a safelist in my portfolio this would be the one.

The landing page that was tested:

Million Member Movement

Traffic Stats:   Total = 4,944   Unique = 3,878   Real = 2,988    Opt-ins = 46  1.6%

Opt-ins that verified their email = 50%

No sales. About $1.60 per opt-in.

Rating = ⭐⭐⭐

A Review of Safelist:

In today’s world, email marketing is an essential way for businesses to reach out to new and existing customers. However, with the ever-increasing competition, it can be difficult to get your message heard. That’s why many businesses turn to mailers like to help them get noticed. But is it worth it? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your business. We’ll also provide a few tips on how best to use the service, so you can maximize your returns. So read on to find out if is the right fit for you!

Overview of is a mailing list service that helps businesses grow their mailing lists. It is one of the most popular email marketing platforms online, with over 2 million users. Mailers are an effective way to grow your email list and generate interest in your business. They work by allowing people to subscribe to your list in exchange for an incentive, such as a free gift, discount, or information. By building a list of subscribers, you can then send out emails whenever you want and have guaranteed delivery.

Features and Benefits of

30k Subscribers: You can send 30k emails every 3 days with (top package). This means that you can send out 30k emails as you like without having to worry about hitting a cap. Easy to Use: is really easy to use. Simply create an account, choose your offer, and then select the list you want to send to and the email template.

Pros and Cons of

High-Quality Profiles: has a high-quality mailing list, which means that subscribers are interested in your product, and are more likely to click through. – High Deliverability: boasts a deliverability rate of 99.9%, so there’s a very small chance that your emails won’t be delivered. – Cost Effective: is extremely cost-effective, even when compared to other similar mailing list services.

How to Maximize Returns from

Be Clear About Your Offer: Many businesses make the mistake of being unclear about their offer and what they’re after. Make sure that you’re clear about your offer so that you get the right type of subscribers. – Send Regular Emails: It’s important to send regular, high-quality emails to your list. If you don’t send emails regularly, your subscribers will lose interest, and you won’t get the desired results. Use a Different List for Each Campaign: Using the same list for every campaign is a mistake that many businesses make. Instead, use a different list for each campaign, so you can send targeted emails to the right subscribers. Combine With Other Campaigns: It’s important to keep your campaigns complementary, instead of using them all at once.

Thoughts and Conclusion is a great tool for building a mailing list and increasing the number of leads in your business. However, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for more traditional marketing methods, such as paid advertising. It is, however, a great addition to any marketing strategy, and is a cost-effective way to build your list. So, if you’re looking to grow your mailing list and get more leads, is a great choice.