Homebusinessleadcenter.com Scam Review

Homebusinessleadcenter.com Ripoff Review Case Study

Phone interviewers claiming they’re from Walmart. Can’t make this stuff up! Proof below. Here I go again buying leads when I continue to tell everyone not to. So why did I purchase leads once again? Well, this company has an auto-texting platform that contacts your leads as soon as they are assigned to your account. The first texts that are sent to your leads contain your affiliate link, so the prospect can visit your site right away. Didn’t work anyway. I ended up paying $200 for 3 clicks to my affiliate link. $66 per click! I think this is a new record.

The whole program is very confusing because they have three different websites. Homebusinessleadcenter.com ripoff for marketing the leads, superautomatedtexting.com scam for marketing the texting platform, and a1marketingteam.com for the texting platform back office. So you can see how confusing all of this can get.

I ordered 120 “REALTIME PHONE INTERVIEWED HEALTH AND WELLNESS LEADS” that were said to have been qualified to invest $400 to start a home biz. Turns out that was a lie. I set my account up to receive 10 leads per day and also to be notified by email and text when my leads came in. I did receive the notice via email that I had 10 new leads each day, but the text notifications were flakey. I only received 2 or 3 notices per day via text. I brought that up to support but they never did fix it. Not a big deal as long as I was getting the email notifications.

Each day I received 10 new leads and I sent each one of them a text right away with my link. I also emailed all of them later on in the day. Not one of them visited my link. In fact, I only received three negative responses from all those texts. Here they are:

homebusinessleadcenter.com ripoffThis person must have thought I was a bot. They tried the “Stop” text command. Not interested at all.



homebusinessleadcenter.com review Another person who was just not interested at all.




homebusinessleadcenter.com scam3 This one is my favorite. It proves the scam. They called and said they were from Walmart. Wow! Using Walmart for credibility. Sad. Not to mention, nothing about investing up to $400 to start a Biz.

From their website:

Our telemarketer also verifies that the prospect is qualified to start a home business related to Health and Wellness by devoting sufficient time (at least 10 hours a week to be qualified as a lead) and monetary resources (at least $400 to be qualified as a lead).









Here’s a screenshot of the three clicks I paid $200 for:

The reason there are only 79 leads and I ordered 120, is because I called and complained about their worthless leads. They must have paused my account. The owner did try to call me but that ship has sailed. These leads are worthless.




What a train wreck. Maybe others have had better responses than I did. If you have, leave a comment below, please.

The landing page that was tested:

Million Member Movement

Traffic Stats:   Total = 3   Unique = 3   Real = 3   Opt-ins = 0   0%

Opt-ins that verified their email = 0%

Registered Tour Takers = 0   Upgraded Members = 0

$66.00 per click…..lol

Rating = 0



Unveiling the Truth: The Downfalls of Network Marketing Leads from HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com


In the ever-evolving landscape of network marketing, finding quality leads is paramount for success. HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com scam is one of the many platforms offering network marketing leads, but unfortunately, the promise of high-quality prospects often falls flat. This review aims to shed light on the deficiencies of the leads provided by HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com ripoff and the potential implications for individuals seeking success in the network marketing industry.

  1. Misleading Promises and Unmet Expectations

One of the glaring issues with HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com fraud is the stark discrepancy between their promises and the actual quality of leads. The website claims to offer “hot” and “highly responsive” leads, but in reality, many users have reported receiving outdated or uninterested contacts. Such discrepancies create a frustrating experience for network marketers who invest their time and money in the hopes of connecting with genuinely interested prospects.

  1. Lack of Targeted Audience Segmentation

Effective network marketing hinges on connecting with individuals who are genuinely interested in the offered products or services. However, HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com scam seems to lack effective audience segmentation. As a result, marketers often find themselves reaching out to leads that have no relevance to their offerings, leading to wasted time and effort.

  1. Questionable Data Accuracy

Accurate contact information is the foundation of any successful lead generation system. Unfortunately, HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com ripoff has been criticized for providing leads with inaccurate or incomplete contact details. This not only makes it difficult to establish meaningful connections but also raises concerns about the credibility of the lead sources.

  1. Limited Engagement and Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal of network marketing leads is to convert them into paying customers or successful team members. However, leads from HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com often show minimal engagement and conversion rates. This suggests that either the leads are not as responsive as advertised or that they may have been oversold to multiple marketers, diluting their potential interest.

  1. Inadequate Support and Refund Policy

Effective customer support and a reasonable refund policy are essential components of any legitimate lead generation service. Regrettably, HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com appears to fall short in this area. Users have reported difficulties in reaching customer support and experiencing challenges when seeking refunds for leads that did not meet their expectations.


The pursuit of success in network marketing requires a solid foundation of high-quality leads. While HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com claims to offer such leads, the experiences of many users reveal a different story. Misleading promises, inaccurate data, and low conversion rates contribute to an unsatisfactory user experience that can hinder the growth and progress of network marketers. In light of these observations, individuals seeking reliable and responsive leads for their network marketing endeavors should exercise caution before investing in HomeBusinessLeadCenter.com’s services.