Quality Ad Marketing Scam

qualityadmarketing scam

Update Nov/26/2022 = Site is now closed. 

Qualityadmarketing.com is one of the biggest scam traffic sources I’ve purchased. 100% bot traffic. Zero human clicks. They even have an ROI guarantee. The cost was $100.

“$2 to $1 Return on Investment  Guarantee”

They’re not guaranteeing you’ll receive a $2 to $1 ROI. Just that they’ll rerun your campaign if you don’t. Who really cares if it’s just bot traffic? You’ll never get a sale. Not one visit was for more than 1 second.

Traffic was sent to this lander:

Million Member Movement

Total = 1894  Unique = 1894  Real = 0  Opt-ins = 0

No sales

Rating = 0