Internet Marketing Case Studies

case study

$4,100 spent on marking so far. So what’s the biggest challenge with Internet marketing? ROI. Return on investment. You want to purchase an ad for $50 dollars and make a $100 sale. Good luck with that. Everyone’s chasing that dream.

There’s an endless amount of so-called ‘gurus’ all across the web telling you how to earn $1,000 per day. Just pick a product or service to promote, grab your affiliate link, and share it on social media. Just like that, you’re earning $1,000 per day…..right? Oh, your not. I wonder why.

How about paying thousands of dollars to have someone teach you how to make thousands of dollars? It’s not difficult to figure this one out. These people are all over youtube with their ads. Avoid them at all costs.

Whether you’re a fan or not, Network Marketing is your best bet for leveraging other members’ efforts. Instead of struggling to make one sale here and one sale there, you can benefit from hundreds even thousands of other members working for you. Especially if you’re part of a team build.

The case studies on this site are based on our Team’s “Million Member Movement” landing pages.

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