Leased Ad Space


This site has a different twist on traffic packages. You can start out at the $9.95 ad pack level. That level gets you one solo ad per month to the membership. A one-time cost which is nice. But in order to purchase more traffic, you have to buy the next level and so on up to the $147 ad package. You’ll have to spend over $400 to get to this level one level at a time. This top-level lets you post a solo ad every two days. All packages come with banner and text ad clicks. I’m not including the banner and text clicks in this test. Just the solo ad. I purchased the first and second-level ad packages. So the total cost was $27. I thought it was odd that the solo ad only went to 3,800 members. I thought they’d have a lot more members than this. Their stats show 93 opens and 13 clicks. Close to what I saw. Of course, you also have to put up with many solo ads hitting your inbox every day.

The landing page that was tested:

Million Member Movement

Traffic Stats:   Total = 27   Unique = 15   Real = 21   Opt-ins = 0

No sales. 

Rating = ⭐