Explosivegenealogyleads.com $60 per click

This is another example of why you shouldn’t buy leads no matter how good they look. I purchased 5k leads from Explosivegenealogyleads.com. These leads were targeted to the wellness nich and were also run through a list cleaner. None of that mattered. I wasted $180 on these leads. I used Jmailerpro to send 20 days of emails to this list. I ended up sending 50k emails to these leads. Guess how many clicks I received? A total of 3. You read that right. 50k emails and 3 clicks. I’m really embarrassed I gave money to this website.

The landing page that was tested:

Million Member Movement

Traffic Stats:   Total = 3   Unique = 3   Real = 3   Opt-ins = 0   0%

Opt-ins that verified their email = 0%

Registered Tour Takers = 0   Upgraded Members = 0

$60.00 per click…..lol

Rating = 0


Explosivegenealogyleads.com: Unraveling the Deceptive Web of a Scam

In the realm of multi-level marketing (MLM), finding leads and expanding one’s network is a crucial aspects of success. Unfortunately, there are entities that capitalize on this need and exploit individuals looking for opportunities. Explosivegenealogyleads.com is one such operation that presents itself as a gateway to targeted prospects. However, a closer examination reveals a web of deception and manipulation. In this article, we will expose the Explosivegenealogyleads.com scam, shedding light on its deceitful practices and providing insights into how to avoid falling victim to such schemes.

Misleading Promises and Unrealistic Expectations. Explosivegenealogyleads.com thrives on luring aspiring MLM entrepreneurs with grandiose promises and unrealistic expectations. The company claims to provide an extensive list of pre-qualified leads, ready to join your network and contribute to your success. However, these promises often fail to materialize, leaving individuals disillusioned and financially drained. The reality is that the quality and responsiveness of these leads are often far from what is advertised, rendering the investment in Explosivegenealogyleads.com futile.

Unverified Data Sources and Inaccurate Information. One of the most significant concerns with Explosivegenealogyleads.com is the lack of transparency regarding their data sources. Legitimate lead generation services have stringent protocols in place to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of their data. In contrast, Explosivegenealogyleads.com fails to provide verifiable information about the origin and reliability of their leads. Consequently, the leads provided may be outdated, non-responsive, or even entirely fabricated, hindering any chances of building a successful MLM network.

Exploitative Pricing Structures. Explosivegenealogyleads.com employs exploitative pricing structures that prey on the aspirations and eagerness of MLM enthusiasts. The initial cost may seem affordable, but the company often employs upselling tactics to persuade customers to purchase more expensive packages or additional services. This creates a financial burden for individuals who are already investing their resources into building their MLM businesses. Moreover, the return on investment is often disappointing or non-existent, leaving customers feeling cheated and deceived.

Lack of Support and Training. A legitimate MLM company understands the importance of supporting and training its members to ensure their success. However, MLM Genealogy Leads neglects this crucial aspect. Instead of providing guidance, mentorship, or comprehensive training materials, the company focuses solely on selling its leads. This lack of support leaves MLM entrepreneurs ill-equipped to convert the leads into active and productive members, further diminishing their chances of achieving their MLM goals.

Negative Reputational Impact. Engaging with Explosivegenealogyleads.com can have detrimental effects on an individual’s personal and professional reputation within the MLM industry. Due to the questionable quality and accuracy of the leads provided, entrepreneurs may find themselves reaching out to uninterested or unresponsive individuals. This can damage relationships and tarnish their reputation as reliable and credible network marketers. Furthermore, associating with Explosivegenealogyleads.com can negatively impact one’s standing within the MLM community, as word spreads about the ineffectiveness and questionable practices of the company.