10dollarsoloads.com Honest Review

Here’s another really bad traffic resource. I purchased the $80 per month package which gave me 6,000 emails sent per week. 24,000 total for the month. Results may differ between users. These are my results. Opt-ins were horrible at only 4%. Keep in mind, I see 20% to 40% with good traffic sources. My LL email account flagged 22 of these emails as “suspicious IP”. First time I’ve seen this. The biggest disappointment was the number of subscribers that didn’t verify their email. I consistently see 50% verify their email no matter what the traffic source. Visits were also not 100% unique. A few repeats. Of course no sign-ups for the Livegood tour. I always personally email every subscriber from my Gmail account with a follow-up email. I do this to test the response. Out of the 37 that subscribe to my list, 30 emails bounced back to my Gmail account. This was from those email accounts having maxed out in boxes. That’s 81% bounced emails. I never experienced this before either. I’m not sure how this company stays in business with these kinds of results. Some of the worst I’ve seen so far.

The landing page that was tested:

Million Member Movement

Traffic Stats:   Total = 1,412  Unique = 833   Real = 1,061   Opt-ins = 37   4%

Opt-ins that verified their email = 2 = 5%

Registered Tour Takers = 0   Upgraded Members = 0

Rating = 0


The Pitfalls of 10dollarsoloads.com: Why You Should Avoid Their Solo Ad Service


In the world of digital marketing, solo ads have gained popularity as an efficient way to reach a broader audience and boost your business. These email-based advertisements promise to deliver your message to a targeted list of potential customers, often at an affordable price. However, not all solo ad services are created equal. One such example is 10dollarsoloads.com, a platform that offers solo ad services at a seemingly unbeatable price. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why 10dollarsoloads.com might not be the best choice for your advertising needs.

  1. Quality of Traffic

One of the key factors that determine the success of your solo ad campaign is the quality of the traffic it generates. While 10dollarsoloads.com might tout a low price point, it often comes at the expense of traffic quality. Reports from users who have utilized their services suggest that the traffic generated is often untargeted and of dubious origin. This means that the recipients of your emails might not be genuinely interested in your product or service, leading to a low conversion rate and wasted resources.

  1. Lack of Targeting Options

Effective marketing campaigns thrive on precise targeting. Unfortunately, 10dollarsoloads.com doesn’t provide the robust targeting options that are crucial for reaching the right audience. Successful marketing hinges on understanding your audience’s demographics, interests, and preferences. With limited or no customization options, you risk sending your ads to a broad, unsegmented list that might not align with your target market.


While the allure of a low price point might be tempting, it’s crucial to recognize that successful marketing campaigns require quality, precision, and professionalism. 10dollarsoloads.com’s solo ad service falls short in these areas, potentially leading to wasted resources, damage to your brand reputation, and poor results. Investing in reputable solo ad services that prioritize targeting, quality traffic, deliverability, and comprehensive tracking is a more prudent approach to achieving your marketing goals. Remember, the true cost of a failed campaign can far outweigh the initial savings of a seemingly budget-friendly service.